Lapis Lazuli Cleopatra Bib Necklace – Ameli - Aimée Taylor Jewelry

Lapis Lazuli Cleopatra Bib Necklace

  • $68.00

One of a kind piece. Created with five unique Lapis Lazuli stones and Tibetan antique beads finished with white silver brass chain. 

This will look stunning on décolletage, complementing a chic business outfit, dress or blouse.

The stunning gold flecks in Lapis are a result of the Pyrite inclusions and signify prosperity. Being drawn to Lapis can suggest you are desiring to be more open to new experiences and development. Lapis has been used in jewellery since Egyptian times, worn by the icon Cleopatra and crushed into a powder to be used in cosmetics.

Length- 20 inches with Tibetan claw clasp.