Stainless Steel Eco-Friendly Jewellery

Stainless steel has a reputation as an eco-friendly alternative in jewelry. It’s super shiny like silver, and it’s stronger, more durable and more affordable. You may wonder what makes it eco-friendly?

  • Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, it is easy to separate the metals at the point of reuse. 
  • “Brand New” stainless steel is already 50-60% recycled. As time goes on, it is expected that the percentage in stainless steel on the market will increase.
  • If stainless steel is mistakenly put in the garbage, it is deemed not harmful to either the soil or the water.
  • Refining stainless steel is less toxic to the environment than other metals and precious metals.

In addition to its benefits on the earth, the benefits extend to the jewelry lover. Stainless steel will not corrode, rust, or tarnish like other metals—even precious metals do. It will stay shiny and last for decades. It is light-weight and extremely durable.