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Goldstone Pendulum Crystal Necklace - Ameli Jewellery Studio

Goldstone Pendulum Crystal Necklace

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Goldstone is a warrior crystal that guards against negative energy. But it doesn't just propel toxic psychic debris. It also returns it to its origins.

It's sparkling microscopic copper spheres look even more stunning when smoothed and polished into beads for jewelry making. The Goldstone crystal is often included with other stones in healing bracelets and necklaces, an excellent way to have constant access to its grounding and protective healing properties

One original manufacturing process for goldstone was invented in seventeenth-century Venice by the Miotti family. Urban legend says goldstone was an accidental discovery by unspecified Italian monks or the product of alchemy, but there is no pre-Miotti documentation to confirm this. A goldstone amulet from 12th- to 13th-century Persia shows that other, earlier artisans were also able to create the material.

Goldstone Pendulum Necklace with 27.5 Inch Stainless Steel 1.0 mm chain.

Size: about 15mm wide, 39mm long, 12mm thick,