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Garnet Bib Necklace

  • $70.00

This Bib Style necklace is Matinee length at 19 1/2  inches and looks great on a crew, scoop or strapless neckline.

Beautiful, high quality 8 mm Garnet semi-precious gemstones.  Handcrafted with semi-precious beads this necklace is sure to delight any gemstone fanatic! 

Garnet is my own birthstone and I have always enjoyed wearing the intense, deep red stone.  The word Garnet comes from the Latin for pomegranate, a reference to it's colours similarity to the fruit.   Garnets were treasured in early medieval time and crafts folk incorporated the stone into rings, brooches and necklaces. In those times Garnets were thought to act as a protective talisman against negative energy.  Garnets help with increasing energy of the wearer, reducing feeling of sluggish or low metabolism. Garnets will help with increasing joy and removing energy blocks. Garnet works to balance the mind and emotions by helping you rise above outdated thinking and creating new paths with new found vitality. This stone is deep and connected to the earth.

Handmade by Ameli Jewellery Studio, Vancouver, BC, Canada