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Trio Bubble Necklace in Metallic Effect Peacock Bronze

  • $45.00

Bubbles! This necklace is adorable. You will receive a lot of compliments when wearing this piece of handcrafted art jewellery.

Looks solid and chunky but, is actually light and extremely comfortable! Beautiful to wear over a sweater or with a cocktail dress it is extremely versatile. Evening glamour or every day - you decide...

Made from metallic effect polymer clay, each bead is handcrafted by a long process. Each half of bead is molded, hammered and painted with a light dusting of Mica powder before firing. The Mica is ground rock that glistens and reflects light like metal. The bead halves are joined and fired again, sanded and holes drilled. Each bead is hollow and handmade with love each bead is therefore beautifully imperfect.The necklace is assembled and hangs on a chain with a length adjusting extender.

Length between 19 and 22 inches

Bubble collections are unique and handcrafted by Ameli Jewellery Studio.

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