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Bijou Gemstone Solitaire Pendant Gemstone on Stainless Steel 16 Inch Necklace

  • $25.00

Love and Simplicity! This Bijou Ameli Solataire Gemstone pendant necklace is as adorable as you are. Dainty and cute, this necklace will be a sweet treat for your neck.

16-inch Stainless Steel 1 mm cable chain with lobster clasp. Will not tarnish and resembles sterling silver forever but without the cleaning. More images coming soon. Please PM me for a photo if you want to get one in time for Christmas!

Faceted Polygon Gemstones - Approximately 10 mm in diameter, some are 8 mm and some are 13 mm

Stress Relieving Howlite is white with grey veining. It is often dyed blue or green to resemble turquoise, or red to resemble coral. Natural white Howlite is a calming stone helping to relieve discontent and can be used to calm turbulent emotions. Because Howlite is a calming stone, many people use it to relieve stress of all kinds. It makes an excellent antidote to insomnia due to an overactive mind by absorbing your discontent or anger directed toward you from others. 10 mm

Black Agate connects with the energy of the Earth. They are thought to bring balance to all aspects of the being, physical, spiritual and emotional. Using agate when you have become unsettled or life is out of balance can help achieve equilibrium to your life. Agate helps to stabilise, heal and reconnect you with your life, helping find your own personal, natural rhythm and connect you with others on the same wavelengths. 8 mm

Refresh your mind with milky quartz. Milky quartz is said to increase the power of concentration. This mineral is great for studying, and writers block. Milky quartz is said to help us view the world without preconceived ideas or prejudices. It is also believed to stop us being overwhelmed by our emotions. 10 mm

Rose quartz is a stone of the heart, and signifies unconditional love. It channels a feminine energy of tenderness, compassion and is often gifted as a token of love. With a gentle hint of pink, your lovely rose quartz, bijou necklace is strung on a delicate chain. 10 mm

Harmonizing Amazonite is probably my favourite stone, and has many colours that resemble marine landscapes. This piece of Amazonite is a pale blue with flashes of amber colour. Amazonite symbolises fun, playfulness and joy. Known for its help with communicating with others, being open and optimistic. This stone encourages authenticity and truth stimulating your intuition. This energising Amazonite bijou necklace is strung on a delicate chain. 10 mm

Green Jasper is an excellent talisman for those coping with overwhelming situations and life events. Wear as a rubbing stone to ward off negative energy, bring reassurance, and to help restore inner calm. GreenLine Jasper lends emotional support and strengthens self-control, and boosts physical energy. Its steady vibration encourages perseverance. 8 mm

Smoky Quartz, a powerful grounding and balancing stone. This powerful stone is a superhero variation of Quartz that amplifies truth and honesty of all that surround it. If Smoky Quartz is calling to you, give it it a place in your life. Attraction to this mineral could be a signal that it is time to open your heart and let in positivity and light.  10 mm

Garnet is my own birthstone and I have enjoyed the protective, intense, deep red stone. Garnets were treasured in early medieval time and crafts folk incorporated the stone into rings, brooches and necklaces. In those times Garnets were thought to act as a protective talisman against negative energy. Garnets help with increasing energy of the wearer, reducing feeling of sluggish or low metabolism. Garnets will help with increasing joy and removing energy blocks. Garnet works to balance the mind and emotions by helping you rise above outdated thinking and creating new paths with new found vitality. This Garnet bijou necklace is strung on a delicate chain. 8 mm


Handmade by Ameli Jewellery Studio in Vancouver, BC, Canada

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