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Red Jasper Pendulum Crystal Necklace - Ameli Jewellery Studio

Red Jasper Pendulum Crystal Necklace

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Red Jasper Pendulum Necklace with 27.5 Inch Stainless Steel 1.0 mm chain.

The energy of Red Jasper is a hug in a necklace, they provide comforting essence. It supports by strengthening your foundation so that you feel stable enough to start taking action in your life. Working with it helps you to take on new pursuits, deal with conflicts and approach problems with creative solutions. Red Jasper gives you that well required va va voom you were looking for.

Drawn to Red Jasper?  Your spirit is likely seeking positive motivation. Red Jasper meaning is about reminding you that you can do it! It helps see the bright side of things & get back on track with what we want to achieve. It has a nurturing effect on the soul. It brings us back to what’s important, and encourages us to release the energy that isn’t helping. Do you need to reawaken the passion in your love life? Strive for more in your career? Wear this beautiful Mala and envision your future.


Size: about 27mm long, 17mm wide, 10mm thick,