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Labradorite Princess Choker Necklace

  • $50.00

Labradorite Princess Choker  (Pearl Necklace Style) 16 inches

Ameli Princess Choker necklaces are elegant, they make you feel instantly glamorous, like a star in a vintage movie! 

This Labradorite version is perfect for summer, it has a wispy cloud colour. It will match anything. The metallic luster of the Labradorite is like no other stone. These high flying Princess choker necklaces are like your extroverted friend, because you know they will be comfortable, fun and fit in anywhere. 

Labradorite is the powerful protector of the minerals and creates a shielding force  protecting  against the negativity of this world. Labradorite is a member of the Feldspar family and has an iridescent sheen and metallic luster that catches the light known as labradorescence. Labradorite is thought to be a stone of magic and poses the ability to reach a higher state of awareness. Labradorite helps you with self development and curiosity.

Assisting with the manifestation of serendipity and synchronicity, Labradorite shows us the wonderful opportunities that arise when we are in harmony with all our aspects.

Handmade by Ameli Jewellery Studio, in Vancouver, BC, Canada

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