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Amazonite Princess Choker Necklace

  • $50.00

Amazonite (Pearl Necklace Style) 16 inches

Ameli Princess Choker necklaces are elegant, they make you feel instantly glamorous, like a star in a vintage movie! 

This Amazonite version is perfect for summer, it has a maritime, ocean, sea breeze beach theme feel about it. It will match just about anything, white, black, bright colours. I wore mine to work in the garden, and I wore it for a fancy meeting. These high flying Princess choker necklaces are like your extroverted friend, because you know they will be comfortable, fun and fit in anywhere. 

Harmonizing Amazonite is probably my favourite stone, and has many colours that resemble marine landscapes.  This piece of Amazonite is a pale blue with flashes of amber colour.  Amazonite symbolises fun, playfulness and joy. Known for its help with communicating with others, being open and optimistic. This stone encourages authenticity and truth stimulating your intuition.

Handmade by Ameli Jewellery Studio, in Vancouver, BC, Canada

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