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Pendulum Picture Jasper Crystal Necklace

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Pendulum Necklace with 27.5 Inch Stainless Steel 1.0 mm chain.

Picture Jasper features miniature landscapes within the stones and each bead is unique. Jasper will provide nurturing stability, and increases your creativity and connection to the energy of the Earth.

A Picture Jasper stone is full of miniature landscapes “landscapes patterns” that are believed to carry messages from ancient civilizations. Each bead is unique and picture jasper is believed to connect you with the energy of sacred  to encourage an ecological responsibility. It connects you with the Earth’s vibration and consciousness, helping you to understand that living in balance and having respect for the Earth. 

Picture Jasper helps to enliven and awaken your creativity and initiative, making it an ideal stone for overcoming writer’s or artist’s block. It makes a wonderful personal talisman, especially for protection, healing and living in the now. Wearing picture jasper stones with you to inspire confidence, creativity and for luck in all business pursuits. Picture Jasper is also believed to be particularly protective during childbirth, making it wonderful for expectant mothers.

Size: about 15mm wide, 34~40mm long, 15mm thick