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Natural Wooden Dog Necklace (Navy and Burly Wood)

  • $30.00

Natural Wooden Dog Necklace (Navy and Burly Wood)

Made with natural round wood beads and burly beads.

Our handcrafted slip on style strong elastic wood beaded dog collars are made of natural materials with a urban dog style. The collars are made with round and bi-cone shaped burly wood beads that provides a cute and stylish accessory for you pet. The wood beads help to resist against matting of your dog’s coat, massage your dog and make a cute natural sound when they shake their heads!

They come in all standard sizes. Custom orders available.

18-20 mm Navy Blue Wooden Beads

16 mm x 15 mm Bicone Burly Wood Beads

These necklaces are not a collar, they are a fashion accessory for a stylish pet. Please supervise dogs whilst wearing them and ensure the fit is correct. You should be able to fit two human fingers between the dog neck and the necklace. It should not feel tight or restrict your pet in any way. Avoid getting wet if possible, rain is o.k. Total submersion may cause the necklace to stretch with the wooden beads soaking up water and increasing in weight. 


For sizing Information

The collar size of your dog plus 1/2 inch for comfort space is recommended. Please measure your pets neck and take into account excess fur and hair when sizing your animal. It will be your responsibility to pay for shipping incorrect sizing back to us.

Large 25 mm wood beads are recommended for 17" dog necklaces or more. However they can look super cute on a smaller dog too.

Medium 20mm wood beads are recommended for 15" dog necklaces or more.

Small sized 16mm wood beads are used for dog necklaces 15" or smaller.