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Mala Style Rhodonite with Rose Quartz Pendant 29.5" Necklace

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One of a kind piece. I have created several unique mala style long gemstone necklaces so don't miss the opportunity to check them all out. Each gemstone bead is separated by a tiny 2 mm faceted hematite bead, the Powerhouse of gemstones! Hematite attracts strength and resilience. As soon as the Hematite rests on your neck you may feel stronger and centered.

The Hematite minerals meaning is linked with its ability to absorb any toxic emotions, anything that may be holding you back from your natural vitality. Use Hematite to clear away negative feelings from stress, anxiety, sadness and worry. Hematite minerals endearing quality is its ability for healing properties and to enhance confidence and strength in times of crisis or turmoil.

Rose quartz is a stone of the heart, and signifies unconditional love. It channels a feminine energy of tenderness, compassion and is often gifted as a token of love. Sweet love and romance anyone? This ncklace is gentle and warms your heart. You cant be hard on yourself wearing this. Rose Quartz attracts romance.

Rhodonite - open your heart, forget the past, forgive and make amends. Let Rhodonite guide you as what to do next.

Fastens with a Tibetan claw clasp. *This necklace is long enough to take on and off over your head. 29.5" 



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