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Grey Agate Half Moon Necklace

  • $35.00

Grey Agate Teardrop Half Moon Necklace. The teardrop faceted agates give this necklace a look of delicate lace. This Princess length necklace is an elegant statement for any neck line. Wear this with a summer tee, blouse, shirt or evening wear. 

Agate connect with the energy of the Earth. They are thought to bring balance to all aspects of the being, physical, spiritual and emotional. Using agate when you have become unsettled or life is out of balance can help achieve equilibrium to your life. Grey Agate helps to stabilise, heal and reconnect you with your life, helping find your own personal, natural rhythm and connect you with others on the same wavelengths. These teardrop faceted Agates in the style of a half moon necklace is strung on a non-tarnishing platinum brass chain. These go quickly so make sure you get yours!

The Three Agate teardrop Gemstones in this necklace are separated by hematite stones and Tibetan beads. The Hematite minerals meaning is linked with its ability to absorb any toxic emotions, anything that may be holding you back from your natural vitality. Use Hematite to clear away negative feelings from stress, anxiety, and worry. Hematite minerals endearing quality is its ability for healing properties and to enhance confidence and strength in times of turmoil.

18 inch 2.5 mm cable chain with Lobster clasp. Platinum colour.

Three Faceted grey agate teardrop Gemstones - Approximately 12 mm in diameter

Handmade by Ameli Jewellery Studio in Vancouver, BC, Canada

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