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Fire Agate Eyeglass Vitality Necklace- Bronze

  • $65.00

Fire Agate Eyeglass Holder Necklace. With Antique Bronze drop hoop


Losing your readers on a regular basis? We have the answer!

Ameli's Eyeglass holder necklaces puts fashion into function. The oval hoop at the bottom of your beautiful gemstone necklace serves as a new home for your spectacles. You hook an arm of your glasses through the hoop and dah dah! you will never loose your favourite glasses again. 

Fiesty, flame coloured semi-precious gemstones.  Handcrafted with over 130 semi-precious (8mm and 4 mm) beads this necklace is sure to delight any gemstone fanatic! 

Fire Agate is a unique form of Chalcedony and has distinct layers of iron oxide that give it darker rust colours or Limonite give it small flecks of yellow, red, and orange Fire Agate get its name because of the colours look like flames. It is a fiercely protective, and will provide strengthening and stabilizing energy. Fire Agate puts you back in touch with the zest for life. It increases life force energy & stimulates physical energy and vitality. It helps us to take decisive action when unsure of ourselves. Fire Agate gives courage, passion and motivation. A creative stone that can help with blocked self expression. It is thought to help with depression, lethargy and low libido.

This necklace slips over the head and is a long Opera length (falls just past the sternum) Bead length 30 inches with 2 inch hoop.

The longest length falls above the sternum (Opera Length), 32 inches

8 mm and 4 mm stones

Handmade by Ameli Jewellery Studio, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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