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Faceted Tourmalinated Quartz Matinee Necklace

  • $49.00

One of a kind piece. Created with three unique faceted Tourmalinated Quartz and Tibetan antique beads finished with platinum colour brass chain.  

The tourmaline embedded within Black Tourmalinated Quartz Stone reminds us that we have inner strengths we can muster when we are low.  The combined clarity of quartz and the protection of tourmaline, recognize the strength you have within to deal with anything challenging in your life. This stone will help when you need to harmonize your mind and spirit, and attract the kind of luck and abundance that stem from making positive life decisions. This unusual and fascinating mineral brings these incredible healing powers together. 


Each Tourmalinated Quartz Stone is approximately 1 inch long.

This will look stunning on décolletage, complementing a chic business outfit, dress or blouse.

Matinee length- 20 inches with Tibetan claw clasp.