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Faceted Hematite and Agate Matinee Necklace

  • $75.00

One of a kind piece. Created with four unique faceted hematite beads and a central banded agate mineral and Tibetan antique beads finished with platinum colour brass chain. 

If Hematite is drawing you in, it could because you need some balance and stability in your life. As soon as the Hematite rests on your neck you will feel stronger and centered. Most minerals have grounding effects but hematite is powerful, an makes you feel grounded.

The Hematite minerals meaning is linked with its ability to absorb any toxic emotions, anything that may be holding you back from your natural vitality. Use Hematite to clear away negative feelings from stress, anxiety, and worry. Hematite minerals endearing quality is its ability for healing properties and to enhance confidence and strength in times of turmoil.

Agate connects with the energy of the Earth. They are thought to bring balance to all aspects of the being, physical, spiritual and emotional. Using agate when you have become unsettled or life is out of balance can help achieve equilibrium to your life. The energy from this necklace will help find your own personal, natural rhythm and connect you with others on the same wavelengths.

This will look stunning on décolletage, complementing a chic business outfit, dress or blouse.

Matinee length- 20 inches with Tibetan claw clasp.



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