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Druzy Moon Pendant Gold Stainless Steel (18 inches)

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Druzy Moon Pendant with Gold Stainless Steel Chain (18 inches)

Plated Natural Druzy Agate Pendants, with Brass Clasp, Light Gold

In geology, druse, also known as drusy or druzy, refers to a coating of fine crystals the glittering effect on a rock fracture surface, vein or within a geode. The fine crystals that grow on the other quartz containing minerals have a sugary appearance.

Size: about 9.5~10mm wide, 23.5~30mm long, 7.5~8.5mm thick

This is natural gemstone and the colours and textures of the moon will differ from piece to piece.

Please contact me for alternative lengths. For a high mid decolletage position (above the cleavage) 18 inches is good. For a high neck just below the collar bone dip choose 16 inches. A long chain is possible but the pendant is small and does look better flat against your neck/ chest.

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