Hand-Painted Cherry Blossom on Aluminum Threader Earrings – Ameli Jewellery Studio

Hand-Painted Cherry Blossom on Aluminum Threader Earrings

  • $30.00

These cherry blossom tribute earrings were created out of a custom order from a client. She was looking for a gift and described what she wanted. I had so much fun making them in several designs for her to choose from that I made a bunch of blossoms.

I chose polymer clay to make them lightweight and some I made using Makrame Cane, a process where you make a long cane made of sections of clay. You cut small sections and each section looks like a tiny blossom. The other technique I used to create some options was to hand-paint the blossoms.

For another style, I used my gifted metal punch from a jewellery artist in Australia. This was my first time to cut some Aluminium Disks, and was super fun.  I think these look great hand-painted and built them using threader chains, and can also be on earring hooks.

These earrings are 2.5 x 2.5 cm polymer clay disks. Drop length is adjustable at about 3 - 8  cm

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