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Jewellery Care

One of my clients was telling me about how she never removed her gemstone bracelet - even in the shower. My jaw dropped... and I took in a short intake of breath. What the fudge?

Jewellery needs care. Unless it's your 14 K wedding band, you should be removing all your jewellery before showering. Your jewellery has no place here, you only need your loofah and shower gel. Your showering products, shampoos, soaps, lotions and potions have their fair share of chemicals and way more than your sparkly accessories ever should be in contact with. You want your gems to have a long and happy life right?

Jewellery lovers have a saying...Jewellery should be last on, and first off,

So be patient, we know you want to put on the good goods first but, wait! Moisturizer, suntan creme or spray perfume go on your body first, let everything dry then adorn your beautiful self with jewellery. You are now ready to go have a wonderful day at work, date night, or evening with the ladies.

When you get back to your boudoir, your new found ritual is to remove your jewellery and intentionally make a space for it. Oh and don't keep your jewellery in the bathroom, it's too humid in there... Get a jewellery box that looks absolutely stunning.  I realize that jewellery trees look adorable, I have one, my favorite friend gave it to me, but, I don't display my tarnish-able metals there. Wait... hold on there, "What is this tarnish you speak of?" Tarnish, is when your jewellery metals are reacting to air and sulfur dioxide, and other chemicals. It's when those silver chains loose their sparkle, look a bit grey? even worse, they go black. That balck is called silver oxide. To keep tarnish at bay keep your jewellery sealed in a plastic bag, keep it fresh like your snacks? Or you can get a soft material / velvet bag and keep it there.

Remove everything before you wash your face, place in your new jewellery box now follow your beauty regime and hit the hay. Night Night x

Cleaning Jewellery

Ack, so this is no-ones favourite job. It's fiddly and messy and you don't have silver polish under your sink - I get it, you are not 80, you don't have a silver cupboard.

I have an ultrasonic cleaner, you add  a dash of recommended jewellery cleaner to the water and press the button. This is definitely easier, you can drop your pieces in and not even get your hands dirty. However, be warned not everything can go in this nifty machine so, make darn sure you check the directions. Soft stones like Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds definitely don't like an ultrasonic clean.

Silver cloths are great for quick fixes, but, if you have silver out in the open air for a long time you are going to be late for your date! It takes a while to get some oxides off your metals.

I hope these tips help a bit. Pass it on.