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Silver Pendant Necklace, Pressed Cedar Slither Fine Silver (.999) Sterling Silver Chain

  • $56.00

A slither of pressed cedar (long rectangle) 3.8 cm x 0.7 cm (1 mm thick).

I make the unique patterns on these pieces using cedar foliage pressed into the surface of the precious metal clay to make an impression.

Each piece is individually priced and comes on a 16-inch sterling silver chain.

This fine silver pendant was created with pressed with cedar foliage to produce a delicate embossed pattern. Each necklace is unique, impossible to recreate.

A bit more about this mysterious PMC (Precious Metal Clay):

Silver Clay is an amazing material made of microscopic silver particles combined with water and an organic binder. They can be worked in the same way as ceramic clay – rolled, formed, textured and cut. When the water is allowed to evaporate and the dry piece is fired, the result is a solid fine silver piece. Fine silver metal clay, once fired, is hallmark quality silver. The preferred designation is .999 which means 99.9% pure Ag

The clay is molded and shaped, left to dry, and then sanded and finished by hand, before being torch fired where the organic binder burns away and the tiny silver particles fuse together to form 99.99% pure solid silver.

The silver clay is recycled from the silver industry.

Environmentally friendly 🌱


Handmade by Ameli Jewellery Studio, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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