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Rainbow Wooden and Lava Rock Walking Dog Collar (18.5 inches) in All Natural Wood Beads

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Doggie Stylz by Ameli is a Solid Walking Dog Collar strung with Aircraft 1/16th inch steel wire. Gentle to the neck with beads that massage your dog as he / she walks. Solid stainless steel Spring Gate Rings so you can take the collar off without lifting over your pups head. The break strength of the steel is 480lbs!!! That is strong. 

This collar is 18.5 inches beads are 16 mm x 15 mm, Grey, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red...The lava rocks can be used to diffuse essential oils to clm a nervous dog. Please check with your essential oils provider for the safety of certain essential oils with pets. Some Essential Oils can be extremely toxic to animals and must be avoided.

  • The beads are natural all wood, and if they are coloured, it is with with non-toxic paint.
  • Each one is individually handmade and the size is in inches. Your dog will need a 1/2 inch extra after measuring their neck to give the beads room to roll and massage their necks.

  • We recommend small dogs to have smaller beads (approx 16 cm is perfect) but if your dog has a lot of fur the bigger ones are just as comfortable on a smaller dog.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Spring Gate Rings, O Rings, Stainless Steel Color

    Size: about 24mm diameter, 16mm inner diameter, 3.5mm thick.

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